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Boskalis keeps the Nederlands dry and accessible. With projects in infrastructure, coastal protection and the harbour of Rotterdam. Connected to the big themes of our times like economy, mobility and climate change.



We follow different employees of Boskalis to see and hear what puts the spark in their work. They explained to us in an authentic and very personal way what makes Boskalis unique as a company and as an employer.

What struck us talking to these people, is that they are fascinated by both the bigger picture and the smallest details. This is why every video starts with a close-up and ends with a drone-shot, matching the tagline 'creating new horizons'.



Shot on locations of the various projects: a big inland protection dike by the big lake IJsselmeer, a provincial road in the south, age-old dikes north of Amsterdam and the harbour of Rotterdam, still the biggest harbour of Europe.


Acoording to the media agency, this campaign scores twice as good as other campaigns. Probably because of the authenticity of the heroes and the

rich video material. After just one week of campaigning, two people were hired.



Concept: Rik Blokland, Hans Adelaars

Scripts, interviews and direction: Rik Blokland
Production: Creative Direction crew

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